Wellness Journey for Pat France

Pat has been a member of FitHAUS since June of 2020, and since day one, we have known that Pat gives nothing less than her best in the gym. She is such an inspiring athlete to so many. In late 2020, Pat decided to dial in a bit more on her Wellness Journey and started FitHAUS Nutrition with coach Jess Jakositz. 

Pat has made HUGE strides along the way and has improved her health and overall wellness. We are SOOOO proud of you Pat! Your hard work has paid off and you continue to impress us with your determination to stay healthy. We know you are still working hard and know you will continue achieve any goal you set.

Pat has a journal of her wellness "victories" along the way, and we'd like to share some of those with you.

"In Late 2020, I took a leap of faith and began working with Jess. I was scared to disappoint myself or her, but was also miserable and knew something needed to change. Here are some of the victory notes I've kept along my journey so far…”

  • I’m getting dialed in to my protein and veggie goals and stepping out of my comfort zone to add new, nourishing habits to my life.
  • After years of fearing them, I got my box jumps back!! I’m feeling ACCOMPLISHED!
  • I no longer dread meal prep...wohoooo!!!
  • I strung 50 unbroken single unders together and am feeling STRONG.
  • I am shifting away from emotional eating and into a healthy and balanced food relationship.
  • I am a BOSS in the kitchen. I put nourishing meals together, intuitively, without stress.
  • I am keeping it fresh by taking breaks from tracking and making progress while enjoying food and life
  • I am down over 7 lb per month and have lost over THIRTEEN INCHES in 2021.
  • In April 2021: I had a check up and my doctor cut my meds in HALF. Lowering them was a secret goal I used to be afraid to believe I could achieve. I am SO PROUD and PUMPED to keep going!!!!

Pat, we couldn’t be more PROUD or PUMPED for are strong, you are accomplished, and you are an inspiration. You have turned self doubt into self confidence and can say with actual measurable outcomes that YOU have taken the reigns to live a healthy life.