Sugar ... the not-so-sweet truth

"Sugar’s not so bad, right?"
"I don’t eat that much sugar."
"I workout, so I need to eat some sugar."
"What’s one cookie?"

I say these things more often than I even realize, and I’m going to assume that I’m not the only one.  Sugar is everywhere in our diets, and I’m guessing you don’t even realize how much you’re consuming.  If you eat anything out of a box, can, jar, wrapper, or bottle … I’m willing to bet there’s added sugar in it.  One study estimated that 75% of all packaged food on the shelf has added sugar, and from my experience it seems to be at least that amount.  The sweetened creamer you put in your coffee, the energy bar you eat as a ‘healthy’ pre or post workout snack, your ‘healthy’ kombucha from Whole Foods, your Sunday morning bacon, your protein filled greek yogurt, that ketchup you dipped your bun-less grass fed hamburger in, that salad dressing you poured all over your big, healthy salad, and that tomato sauce you doused your grain-free zucchini noodles in … it’s all over! 

Added sugar is everywhere.  And it’s making us all sick and diseased.  Maybe that’s maybe a bit dramatic (it's really not, though), but it IS definitely making us all LESS WELL than we could be.  And most of us have no idea.  No idea how much we really eat, no idea how hooked we are on it, no idea what damage it’s doing to our insides, and no idea how good we could feel by cutting back (or straight up eliminating it!).

Is sugar (and I’m talking added sugar, not those strawberries you love so much) really that bad?

Short answer:

Yes, absolutely, without a doubt, refined sugar is something completely unnecessary that makes us fat, sick, and crabby. 

Long answer:

Excess sugar consumption contributes to all major chronic diseases that our world is facing. Sugar is a leading cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, depression ... even skin issues like acne and eczema. Sugar accelerates the aging process and causes everything from painful joints to dry, wrinkled skin ... literally making you older than you are. It makes your brain work less efficient making learning and memory tasks more challenging. It affects your mood, lending itself to mood swings and a short temper. As several experts have stated, "Sugar is not just empty calories. It's deadly calories."

"If sugar was a brand new product, the government would treat it like a dangerous substance to be controlled and regulated. Not something given to kids or added to 74% of our packaged foods in the supermarket." - Dr. Mark Hyman
Why is sugar so harmful?

Sugar is one of the most pro-inflammatory 'foods' there is. Chronic inflammation in your body has been proven to be at the root of all these leading diseases listed above. In excess, sugar causes damaging spikes in blood sugar, and over time disrupts your body's normal hormonal function. There is more and more research showing just how damaging added sugar in your diet is, and, to make things worse, sugar is addictive! Very addictive. In one study, sugar was determined to be more addictive than cocaine. Sugar can dramatically alter your metabolism and your brain chemistry, causing you to suffer intense cravings. It affects the same part of the brain as people with substance abuse problems. Therefore, willpower alone stands a tough battle against sugar and it's affects on your body and brain. With all that being said, it is hard to give up sugar. However, when you do, your health will improve quickly. In as little as 10 days without added sugar, you will see substantial metabolic and neurological benefits.

Let's give this a try!

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