Sleep ... like your life depends on it

You work hard in the gym.  The reason you work hard is different for everyone … to be healthier and live longer, to feel better, to look better, to burn off stress, to work on skills and challenge yourself, or a variety of other reasons.  But, if you don’t rest and recover properly, this hard work may not be doing you as much good as it could be.  All that hard work may be wasted if you are not getting enough sleep. Getting adequate sleep is one of the simplest and most powerful things you can do to improve your life.  It is essential to performing well at the gym, as well as performing well in every other part of your life.  Sleep is crucial for better brain function, faster muscle recovery, increased fat burning, and longevity ... not to mention being a happier and nicer human.

“Sleep is the foundation of our health and the foundation of our body and mind.”  - Harpreet Rai, creator of the Oura Ring

We all know we ‘should’ get adequate sleep, but few of us make it a serious priority and even fewer prioritize adequate sleep consistently night over night.  We make excuses and rationalize doing other activities at the cost of sleep.  We have big goals and even bigger to-do lists … so much to get done, so much we want to do. BUT maybe all these things will come easier and happen sooner if we prioritize sleep on a consistent basis.  The better rested you are, the better your mind and body function.

Sleep & Your Fitness

Not getting enough sleep can make your exercise feel harder.  It makes fatigue (both mental fatigue and muscle fatigue) happen faster.  It makes exercise less enjoyable.  On the flip side, when you don’t sleep well, your hormones become out of synch and your ability to build muscle is impaired.  At the same time, your cortisol levels go up, promoting fat storage and activating muscle degradation pathways that breakdown your hard earned lean muscle mass.  Therefore, if you are consistently working out, but having trouble losing fat or building muscle (or both!), look to your sleep habits.  Are you sabotaging your hard work simply by not sleeping enough?  Are you limiting your results or your performance by not getting enough sleep?

Sleep & Your Brain

Your brain is busy when you are asleep.  This is the only time your brain is able to ‘clean up’ and maintain itself.  During deep sleep, your brain clears out cellular waste and repairs old or damaged brain cells.  This is essential, especially as we age, to keep your mind clear and sharp.  In the short term, after a good nights sleep, you wake up with 50% faster mental processing capability, a more stable mood, and an increased ability to learn.  You’re literally smarter.

Sleep & Longevity

Getting adequate sleep can make you feel better AND actually live longer. Consistent sleep deprivation increases your overall risk of death by about 25%.  Getting fewer than six hours of sleep a night doubles your risk of heart attack and increases diabetes risk by 25 percent.

There’s so much more to discuss regarding sleep, both the benefits as well as ways to get better sleep (deeper, more restful sleep for the hours you’re in bed). The bottom line, however, is that adequate sleep on a consistent basis is essential to better health.  Take a minute to honestly evaluate your sleep habits and patterns. If you are hoping to improve, join our FitHaus 2019 Wellness Challenge, and let us help hold you accountable for making the change!  8 weeks from now, you may just be amazed at your results!

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Cheers to an even better 2019!