September 2020 FitHAUS Wellness Challenge

We are kicking off our 30 day nutrition challenge on September 1st! (SIGN UP HERE)

30 days to get your basic healthy habits back on track as we head into the Fall & a new school year!

For 30 days, we're all going to try to do the following 5 things each day (and you'll get a point for each):

  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Eat plenty of veggies!
  • Avoid added sugar!
  • Move our bodies for at least 30 minutes!
  • And an extra credit point if you avoid alcohol!

THINK YOU COULD GET A PERFECT SCORE FOR SEPTEMBER?? Maybe you already do all these things every day??

Simple steps, but things that often get overlooked as we're all off schedule and busy during the summer! Let's work on making these habits going forward!

Even if you don't get every point, every day, the extra awareness will make you healthier going forward!

BEST PART OF THIS: IT'S FREE!!! So there's no reason not to give it a go!

Sign up (using your regular Wodify login credentials, or creating a free account if you're not a FitHAUS member) HERE.