Quarantine as an opportunity

Below is an article from Coach Kaylee. She's challenging you to act with intention and view this quarantine as an opportunity that we may never get again. We miss the gym and all of you so much, but this is our chance to become stronger and grow in different ways. It's a reset and a chance to appreciate all the things we DO have.


Quarantine as a great opportunity

In the past two weeks I have been humbled; humbled to realize that I cannot control what tomorrow brings. It is outside of my control to say whether I get to stand less than six feet away from someone or not. It is outside of my control to say whether I will be running around giving high fives to an audience of exhausted CrossFit athletes or not. It is also outside of my control as to whether the grocery store has any Cheetos left on the shelf.

Is that a bummer? Yes.

But only kinda sorta.

Wanna know why?

After initially realizing how much of life is outside of my ability to control it, I’ve actually found quite a bit of joy in accepting that much of life right now is out of my control. To some extent it’s quite freeing.

When I accept what is outside of my control it allows me to loosen the grip I’ve had on things that needn’t be held too tightly and instead thankfully and joyfully grab hold of those blessings that do exist.

I have a home, a roof over my head, people to contaminate the same air I’m breathing; that’s a gift. To not be alone. To have a community of like minded individuals that I can look forward to returning to; that’s a blessing. That I have food in the pantry, toilet paper on the roll, and warm water to shower in, that’s a luxury my friends.

Not only am I blessed in this time of quarantine; I am down right spoiled rotten to have as much as I do have.

Life has changed, yes indeed quite a bit!

But before it all changed we were living a luxury we didn’t deserve. We live in a place where we consider it “deserved” that we should assume nice neat roads to drive on, stocked shelves when we go to the grocery store, coffee handed to us in less than one minute from our initial order, school buses to pick our kids up and bring them to a sanitary and safe place for learning and growing, jobs that pay for groceries; toilet paper; and all the essentials; wow we are BLESSED!

And we still are blessed!

Has life maybe slapped us in the face a little harder than usual? Maybe. Perhaps some slightly more than others yes, but life continues, the family and community that cherishes your heart still exists.

Let me remind you that though you cannot give a brother a fist pump or steal a hug from your closest girlfriend; those relationships still exist. And their hearts are continuing to love you from afar. It’s all good my friend.

Nowadays we find ourselves in a place where we no longer hold the whole deck of 52 cards in perfect order. The cards are torn, scattered and there’s no knowing how long the game is going to last. But looking at em’ in disbelief isn’t how you win a card game.

I believe in a God of good things. I believe in a God who lets the wind blow all 52 cards out of my hand not to smite me but rather to strengthen me and grow me; to teach me something. God loves me enough to provide more than what I need. He spoils me with individuals who make my heart smile. He spoils me with a job that suits me well. He even spoils me with the luxury of being able to scoop for myself a bowl of ice cream at the end of the day. Now that’s love!

In this season when so much has seemingly been stripped from us, I have asked myself, has it all been stripped away or has it been reordered so as to make me stop and think and ask myself what really matters?

We have been forced to slow down, forced to surrender a ridiculous sense of control on life that we sometimes think we have. There’s no telling how hard the wind will blow, how long it’ll blow and in what directions it is coming from or heading.

We don’t have to view this season of quarantine as something downcast. Neither do we need to adopt a mindset that begs the answer to the question asked, “when will this end?”

I don’t know.

No one knows.

Therefore, I encourage you to ask a different question.

In this season as we know it, what opportunities exist to dig our heels in and flourish?

Ask yourself what blessings are present in this season. Without the distraction of go-go-go, figure out how to be at rest and simply be. Learn to be content. Learn to slow down and enjoy it. Learn to take a situation as it is and find the good in it.

Life isn’t like it was two weeks ago, but it’s still good.

If life were always predictable, always within our ability to control things, make things happen how and when we wanted them to, life would be so boring. Much of life is that way. Output equals input. But what happens when output doesn’t equal input? What happens when what’s happening in our lives is outside of our control? What happens when entertainment and fast living disappears?

Sure begins to put life in perspective and reveal to our heart’s eyes what matters and what doesn’t.

Am I excited for this time of quarantine to be over? Absolutely.

Am I excited to see everyone I haven’t seen in awhile, go on some well overdue coffee dates with friends, throw a few extra high fives and bear hugs out there? Absolutely.

But I am also very thankful for today. And I mean that. I’m not begging God to return the life I have now over to what I think should be “normal” life. I am asking Him however to open my eyes to the opportunities that exist today right before me.

What opportunities does this time of quarantine create which everyday life before this ceased to present?

Physically you may be stuck in the house.

Mentally, it’s up to you.

Are you stuck in the house or have you just walked into the biggest castle with all the opportunity in the world to explore?

It’s all up to you my friend.

Many of you have kids and I guarantee that more than once in these past couple weeks have you seen your child at play with something that you or I would consider boring. Why is that? I think it’s time to exercise our kid brains, get creative in your thought processing and make a mud puddle a King’s stomping grounds!

If you have kids, try to be intentional with them.

In this time of close quarters, I beg you not to begin adopting a habit of tolerating one another.

Maybe one of your kiddos is a big cuddle buddy; make an intentional effort to go snuggle with them on the couch. When they're at school all day you don’t have that opportunity.

Maybe your spouse really loves a certain board game; go get it out of the game closet and tell em’ it’s time for a board game.

Or, maybe you’ve been neglecting a phone call to a friend you haven’t chatted with in awhile, a parent, aunt, uncle, whoever needs some brightness via a simple phone call.

Or perhaps you simply need some “me-time;” in which case I suggest verbalizing that to those around you. As much as your family loves you, they can’t read your mind. Be brave enough to ask your spouse to watch the kiddos for a while so you can get out of the house and go for a walk.

Ask yourself how can I better love my spouse and children in this season?

By no means am I claiming to have it all figured out. Trust me, I’ll be the first to admit that I do not in fact come anywhere near to laying claim to such an absurd skill. I lack any children or spouse, but I do have a mind with the ability to adopt a mindset of my choosing.

Mindset is power.

I am doing my best; the best I can to not wish away these days and to embrace them as the gift I’m convinced they are.

Maybe this isn’t a season of building as much as it is maintaining what we have and being thankful for that.

Shoot me a text, call just to say hi or maybe ask a question or suggest a new blog post topic.

Love you all!

Coach Kaylee