Meet our new coach Kaylee

We are excited to welcome Coach Kaylee to the FitHAUS team!

Kaylee has popped in to several classes at FitHAUS over the past couple weeks, and will be starting as a coach next week! Many of you have met her already, and have already warmly welcomed her, but we thought we'd give you a little background to help you get to know her a bit better!

Kaylee spends her days as a full-time Chiropractic student engaging her mind and achieving a greater understanding of the potential that lies within the human body. Kaylee believes the human body is an incredible reflection of our Creator's creativity and love. As a living, breathing human, we have all the tools necessary to explore the gift of movement. CrossFit has allowed her to take full control of her health while improving her overall fitness. Sports have always been of great interest to her as she participated in volleyball, basketball and softball during high school. She now considers herself an amateur spikeballer and CrossFitter. Kaylee's hobbies include biking, swimming, and engaging in weekend sports with family and friends. With a bachelor's in Biokinetics and an education in progress for Chiropractic, she looks forward to every day helping patient's and athletes like you achieve optimal mental and physical potential. If you're living and breathing, she wants to shake your hand. She wants to cheer you on and encourage you in whatever mental and physical stage you are of life.

Kaylee will make you better athletes and humans and we're excited for everyone to get to know her better! She will be teaching some of the morning CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning classes! Please welcome her warmly and introduce yourself! We are so grateful she's joining us here at FitHAUS!

She is also a coach at Farmhouse CrossFit in Edina ... so we'll all have to be more specific when using our 'FH' abbreviations! We love that Kaylee can bring a part of the greater CrossFit community to our awesome box here in Long Lake.