FitHAUS Athletes, I Dare You

Words from Coach Kaylee today. Whether you're religious or not, we hope you find this helpful:

One of the most consistently worshipful things for me these last three years has been setting my hands on a barbell.

It’s neat because a barbell isn’t a light piece of equipment in and of itself. My Bella bar is 35 pounds, nothing too heavy, but nothing too light either.

It takes intent to move the thing.

As one adds more and more weight it takes increased intention (more neural and muscular recruitment) to move the bar. None of this is rocket science; I know. I’m simply stating the obvious in hopes of making a point here shortly so stay with me.

This past winter the 20.4 CrossFit Open workout required athletes to clean and jerk some fairly impressive poundage. The night I performed the workout a friend had snapped a picture of me resting the bar in the front rack position after cleaning the bar off the floor. I had just cleaned the bar up and was mentally preparing myself to go overhead with it.

I loved getting to this point knowing that I could go over head, I just had to choose to do it! It was a mental choice every time to engage the muscles that God attached to these bones and drive that bar overhead.

Lifting heavy weights is fun for a lot of people but I think the reason I keep coming back to a heavy barbell is because in my mind I see it as an opportunity to be a representative of the strong spirit God has placed inside of me and it’s hunger to manifest both in a physical and mental manner.

Every week you (as a FitHAUS athlete) step into class and you dominate.

It is an honor and privilege to hit my alarm to get to you 5:30am’ers and watch you kick ass before my coffee has even kicked in for the day. You guys and gals put more weight over your head than I bet you ever thought you could a year ago, you tackle more burpees in a one hour session than you would ever think sane to sign up for, and yet you keep coming back.

I am proud of you for that.

But I hope you realize why I am proud of you; why I consider it an honor and privilege to be your coach.

Is it neat to watch Lucas run out of room for more plates on the end of his heavy deadlift bar?


Is it fun to watch Larissa and Jammie string together more toes to bar than they could a week ago?


Is it fun to see Dave string some frustrating double unders together?


All of you impress me in what you can do physically, but that’s not why I’m proud of you.

I am proud of you because even when life gets rough you make it a priority to get your butt to the gym. And when the programming surprises you with something spicy you rise to the occasion. As strong as you are physically, so are you too mentally.  

You don’t move a barbell with strong muscles. You move it with a strong mind that tells those muscles it’s go time.

You don’t find out you can string together more toes to bar because you woke up one day with a thought that you might just do it. It took mental intent, time and practice.

And you don’t figure out double unders because you started throwing a rope around. You figured them out because you were willing to tackle the mental frustration that came with not getting them instead of simply giving up.

People on the outside may think all CrossFitters have are big muscles. But is that all you have? Is that the only thing you have been training for; the only thing you have to take with you that’s translatable to everyday life?

In the words of Coach Joe I’d like to argue a simple, “Hell NO!”

You have been training your minds people!

And that is so valuable!

When all the world can talk about is the Coronavirus I would say a strong mind is something you need now more than ever.

By no means do I intend to diminish the reality of this new virus, but I would also like to bring it into deserved perspective.

Safety is a luxury. We live in a world with a lot of things that threaten our lives. Heck, I think climbing into my car on a daily basis is the most dangerous thing a person could choose to do consistently. And yet I do it, and I do it without fear that it might be my last drive.

We can’t wipe out a virus.

We can wash our hands and take special precautions in order to diminish the rate of spread, but you can’t wipe it out.

And worrying about it isn’t going to make it less potent. If anything it’s going to put your body in a compromised less than optimal state to fight it if in fact it’s go time and your body has to wrangle up the resources to kill the darn bugger.

We can’t control the virus and it’s physical manifestations, but we can control the mental and emotional effects it’s going to have on us.

We can control the virus of fear that manifests in our minds.

We can be the person who chooses to say, “Yes, I realize it’s the only thing they talk about on the news nowadays but it doesn’t have to be the only thing we choose to talk about.”

Life continues and you can choose to be the athlete outside of the gym who takes ownership and responsibility for bringing an emboldened and strong outlook on life. Be bold enough to say, “Yeah, I’m tired of talking about that” and steer the conversation a different way. There is still plenty of life outside of the virus to talk about.

We adapt and grow. We learn to run with the punches and figure out how to make the punches run with us right?

You as a member (as a kick-ass athlete) of FitHAUS have not only trained yourselves to be stronger than the average Joe, but you have earned the right and responsibility to stand strong in your communities outside of FitHAUS and say: Yes, the virus is real and there is no doubt about that. There is no doubt of it’s threat and potency, however I live in a world where flu-season hits every year, nuclear bombs exist, people don’t get along, storms hit, blah blah blah, BUT! You know what else exists?

A rock solid community of people who are lost, confused and could really use a friend who has their head screwed on straight enough to be a light in a dark place.

To all of the beloved FitHAUS members I dare you to:

  1. Ask yourself, what “can’t” I and what “can” I control? Then tackle with finesse the things you “can” control.
  2. Be that light in the places outside of FitHAUS that need it. There is still plenty to celebrate. Go find it!

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