FitHAUS Featured Athlete...Chad Sponsler

This week, we couldn't think of a better athlete than Chad Sponsler to feature. Chad has been a member at FitHAUS since 2016 and has been here to help us for so many things! Whether it's grilling alllllll of the food at the Labor Day Throwdown, fixing broken speakers, or helping us get our outdoor rig up...Chad, what would we do without you!

As an athlete, we love the intensity Chad brings to each and every workout. You'll never see him give less than his best. Aside from that, you won't meet a friendlier guy. You can always count on Chad to strike up a friendly conversation with you. Below are some of Chad's answers to our FFA questions. Chad, we are SO thankful to know you as a friend and to call you a FitHAUS athlete.  

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself:

 My father's career kept us busy moving many places. I have lived in North Dakota, Minnesota, Pennsylvania,Texas, Florida, and Illinois and attended nine k-12 schools from the time I began Kindergarten to when I graduated from Wayzata High School. I got really good at being "the new guy".

I played boys high school volleyball in Florida and boys high school hockey at Wayzata. I am a technology geek, and major travel hacker. I love finding a great travel deal.

I am an Accounting and Tax professor and love all things Hawaii. ; I live in Orono with my wife Katie and three kids Lola 6, Lydia 9, and Tristen 20!

Fun Fact, I can eat a lot and fast. 4lb burritos, 5lb hamburgers, that sort of thing.

2. What made you decide to join FitHAUS? What were you doing prior to coming to FH?

Matt Stahl convinced me to try TrueChampion after nearly 10 years at Lifetime Fitness. I broke up withLifetime.

3. What is your favorite thing about FitHAUS?

The best part of FH are the people. My FH friends keep me motivated; show me how fun exercise can be; and share similar priorities.My days are always better when they begin at FH!

4. What is your favorite class or movement/skill? What is your least favorite movement...likethe one that causes the biggest eye roll when your coach says we are doing"X" today;)

I love, love, love pull-ups and squats (my knees don't), but I still do them. I am not a fan of long runs. 

5. What advice would you give to someone looking to join FITHAUS? 

I always tell prospective members, if you are new to CrossFit/high intensity exercise, the first 6 weeks are by far the hardest. Stick with it and the daily soreness will go away and your body will thank you for it in the end!