FitHAUS Featured Athlete ... Adam Lamparske

Our Friday Featured Athlete this week is Adam Lamparske, aka Principal Lamparkse. Adam is the Principal at Schumann Elementary, and after being “on” all day for all of Orono’s Kindergarten, First and Second graders, Adam comes to FitHaus and brings the energy for his workouts.

Adam has been a FitHAUS member since June of 2018 and has attended over 150 classes. You can find him at the 4:30pm strength and conditioning classes, or at our partner WOD classes on Saturday mornings.

We chose Adam this week because we are really proud of how far he has come on his fitness journey. He’s always pushing hard through the WOD, and has made major fitness improvements in strength and endurance. One thing you may not know: Adam, and Throwdown partner Nick Tilli, got a 3rd place finish and made podium at this year’s Labor Day Throwdown. Adam…we bet you can get that first place spot next year! We are holding you to it;

We asked Adam a few questions for you to get to know him better:

Q:  Tell us a little about you (things that we might not all know)??

AL: Not much mystery here. I am Dad Oliver (10) and Lola (6), Husband to my wife Amy and principal at Schumann Elementary. I pretty much spend every waking hour at work or carting my kids around to their activities. I used to have hobbies, but I forget what they were☺

Q:  What made you decide to try FitHAUS (and what were you doing prior to coming in)?

AL: I came to FitHaus because my previous workout routine wasn’t yielding any noticeable results. Prior to coming to FitHAUS, I was spending hours at the gym and not getting much accomplished aside from talking, sitting in the steam room and drinking smoothies☺  

I’ve found that I need to have someone directing my workout – telling me what to do and how to do it. The instructors at FitHAUS help me to get in and out in an hour and I leave feeling like I’ve truly done something productive for my health and fitness.

Q: What is your favorite part of FitHAUS?

AL: I love that I can be pushed to my limit every time I work out and in an hour feel like I’ve truly accomplished something.

Q: What are some of the accomplishments you're most proud of, and what are your goals going forward?

AL: I’m simply proud of all the work I’ve put in. All of that effort has yielding results – I feel strong, healthy and energetic. My goal is to continue on this path of fitness for the long term.

Q: How has working out at FitHAUS bettered your life outside the gym?

AL: See above answer

Q: What advice you you give to someone considering joining FitHAUS?

AL: Stop worrying about it and just do it. Everything can be scaled to your level. No one is judging you…and it’s fun! Just think of where you’d be if you had started six months ago.

Q: Favorite movement/lift/skill:

AL: Burpees. Seriously.

Q: Least favorite movement/lift/skill:

AL: Man makers

Thank you Adam ... your work ethic and goals inspire us all to work harder. You are an amazing part of this community, we look forward to seeing you everyday, and we are thrilled to have you here at FitHAUS. #fithausstrong