FitHAUS Sauna Party

Workout, Sauna, Cold Plunge, Bonfire, Socialize, Snack, Sip ... join us for any or all of these things and a fun evening!

To celebrate our bonus day this year (Feb 29th!), we're renting a sauna and making an evening out of it!

We'll have a workout starting every 30 mins (typical saturday style WOD ... open to all members!).  Following the workout, you'll have the option of some sort of cold therapy (think polar plunge, ice bath, snowbank, burpees on the ice, etc ...), and then a seat in the sauna!  

We'll also have a bonfire going outside to hang out in between sauna sessions or all evening long!  

We'll be serving pizza aroun 6pm and have some beverages available (but please, BYOB if you have something special you'd like to sip on!).

Kids welcome (we'll just need parents to watch them around the fire, ice bath, and in sauna (we'll let kids go in for a short period of time here and there!).
Look for more details to come ... we may have a sign up for workout / sauna 'heats' if there's enough interest!  Bring your friends and families to join in the fun!

Other things to know & bring:
* Please bring your own towel(s) for the sauna and a swimsuit (or whatever other clothing you're comfortable sitting in).
*. Please bring a (non-metal) water bottle to stay hydrated (and if possible, hydrate throughout the day before coming).
*. Please bring chairs for seating around the bonfire!
*  Dress in layers!  Swimsuits or shorts/tanks for sauna all the way to winter gear for hanging out outside around the fire!
*. And probably bring a change of clothes ... after ice bath, jumping in snowbank, etc!

Adults get tickets HERE (kiddos are free!)