FitHAUS Nutrition

What You Can Expect from FitHAUS Nutrition:

We can help you learn what good nutrition looks like for your life and develop a sustainable regimen that puts you in control of your wellness!

Customized Coaching: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll get a plan that’s built for you and fine-tuned as we work toward your goals.

Accountability: One-on-one visits to check in on your progress and any-time access to your coach to ensure you're moving in the right direction.

Sustainability: We’ll introduce new habits in manageable phases that progress into an overall healthy lifestyle.

Open to all: You do NOT need to be a FitHAUS member! We'd love to work with anyone interested in improving their health, performance, and overall wellbeing with good food!



  • Work one-on-one with a nutrition coach to create an individualized nutrition plan based on your unique nutrition goals and needs.
  • Weekly check-ins, adjustments, and troubleshooting.
  • Access to coach during non check in times for questions.
  • Accountability --> Progress --> Results.




  • Clean Haus: Clean out pantry + grocery list of healthy options to restock it! Option to add in a grocery store trip with your coach!
  • Get Prepped: Optimize your individual nutritional plan by learning the benefits of food prep. Includes plenty of ideas and grocery lists.
  • Get Stocked: Field trip! Hit up your favorite grocery store with your nutrition coach and learn how to be wise and efficient when it comes to food shopping!





Meet FitHAUS' Nutrition Coach, Jess!

Jess is a Precision Nutrition certified coach and a long-time food nerd. Her interest in food began as a child, learning from her dad who is a chef-instructor, but nutrition became a true passion when she joined CrossFit and started learning about food’s impact on the body. Jess is a big believer in food as fuel and medicine, and that what we choose to eat affects how we are able to show up in the world. She is passionate about helping her clients develop their own "spidey sense" when it comes to fueling their bodies, empowering them to sustain a healthy lifestyle long-term. Jess looks at each person's unique set of habits, tolerances and struggles when building out a plan to help them nail their goals.

Hit her up at the gym or shoot her an email to set up a complimentary one-on-one session if you'd like to learn more!






I started working with Jess because I wanted to know what to eat to look leaner and more muscular, and I was also interested in seeing if anything could be done about my stomach discomfort. I grew up with stomach pains and can remember feeling crappy and having indigestion every single day after I was diagnosed with ulcers in middle school. I’d try taking Tums and also attempted some diet changes here and there, but didn’t have good consistency or guidance and nothing worked. Jess created a macro plan for me but also helped me understand how our gut works and recommended I add some specific foods into my diet while steering clear of others. Once I got into the groove of some new eating habits, I started not having stomach aches every day for the first time since 8th grade! I also felt more and more confident every time I took my weekly photo to track my progress. It was really cool and rewarding to experience my work paying off in the mirror and inside my stomach. While I don’t weigh and track all of my food anymore, I now know how to eyeball serving sizes so I have a ballpark idea of how much I’m eating- this works really well for me! I also now know how to read nutrition labels and pick things that don’t have lots of mystery/crappy ingredients in them or are “false advertising.” (I know how to find REAL natural peanut butter instead of Skippy’s version of “natural.”) If you’re thinking of starting the nutrition program, my advice is to go for it! It’s really worth it if you have a committed mindset and are ready to stick to the plan (don’t half-ass it; go all-in!!). I feel really great with the results I got, and I know how to maintain them! -Mike


I want to open by telling you that this journey is so much more than a "before and after photo". Nutrition is so, so personal and everyone's journey and struggles are unique to themself. It is constantly changing and evolving as we learn more about our own bodies .. what works for one may not work well for another. But with the help of a coach who is attentive and willing to meet you where you are and help you achieve YOUR goals .. big things can happen :)
Months and months of chitter chatter back and forth with Jess. Me asking questions and dipping my toes in the water of what nutrition could look like for me .. but never fully committing. See, I've never really struggled a ton with my eating as far as not overeating. I always ate pretty well and have a pretty good balance with indulging and then getting back on track. But, protein. And carbs. (never seemed to struggle with fat, haha). And don't get me started on my energy level and hormones. I was kind of a mess! But true to the Irish genes, I'm stubborn .. and I didn't "need" any help. It's a good thing Jess is so patient with me and let me talk her ear off for a long time, listening intently and giving me feedback at times but being gentle with her approach.
This nutrition journey is unique and personal for each of us. We all have different goals we are trying to reach and they are not parallel to one another. For me, I wanted to increase my strength in the gym, have more energy and go through one cycle without being a basket case! Before I go any further, and if you only read to here .. I PRd my clean, successfully am lifting more weight than I have been, and my energy level has been so sooo good. Oh and that cycle, yeah last month ladies it came and I was SURPRISED! Because I hadn't been a total kook the days leading up to it!
When Jess and I started I was adamant on NOT TRACKING. I've dug my heels in and I will not budge. "Ok Megs, let's do it a different way then". Rockstar she is, she tailored a nutrition program a different way. We checked in weekly, I asked many many questions and Jess answered all with so much knowledge. Midway through I messaged her and said "Jess, do you want me to track in My Fitness Pal just for a couple days so you can REALLY see what and how much I'm eating?". I think her jaw hit the floor. So there I was, set that I would NEVER track and I logged on. And I did it for more than a couple days .. we are going on weeks of it! I don't weigh things. I guess generously on my serving sizes and tracked every thing that had a label. My biggest issue, always, was getting enough protein to sustain the workouts I was doing and repair the muscles afterwards. Once I started tracking and seeing how far behind I was on that macro and recognizing what a difference my body felt when I was eating enough of all three macros, things changed. Jess continually was telling me I likely wasn't eating enough .. nah, what are you talking about Jess .. dang it she was RIGHT! Once I honed in on eating enough protein ... enough carbs (my how tired and weak you can feel if you're not eating enough carbs) .. and enough fat, I felt so sooo good!
Nutrition is a journey. That age old saying, it's a marathon not a sprint, couldn't be more true. Jess guides you through what foods will fuel your body best based upon what your activity levels are, your short term and long term goals, and she will make sure you are able to still enjoy the foods you love. Balance is the key to her nutrition program .. and being MINDFUL of what exactly you are putting in. After working with Jess, I am so much more in tune with how my body feels and what it needs. The other day I messaged her that my muscles were feeling weak and my workout really struggled. Instead of a quick response, she wrote me back 3-4 key things I can try and do to see if there's an improvement. Electrolyte imbalance, who even knew .. but again, she was right. And hone in that protein Megs!
If you are teetering like I did, just know that what you will gain will be so much more than a physical transformation. Nutrition is the foundation for how our body + our mind feels. If we feed it well, we feel well. Jess meets you exactly where you are, with no judgments, but rather open ears and a plethora of knowledge to help you succeed! Get after it guys!  - Meghan

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