FitHAUS Featured Athlete ... Rick Loosbrock

There are some milestones that are just too impressive to go unnoticed. One of these happened this past week at FitHAUS. On Tuesday, Rick Loosbrock attended his 400th FitHAUS class and 800th CrossFit class at this location (including his True Champion CF classes prior to FitHAUS). 800 classes!!! Eight Hundred. Since June of 2015. That's an average of 200 every year. ~16 every month for 48+ months!! Talk about the model for consistency! And ... speaking of consistency, it turns out that it really does bring amazing results.

Rick just mentioned: "Recently I had a full physical and everything was great, BP, cholesterol, etc. I am convinced a huge factor in my great results is consistent, intense exercise via CrossFit at FitHAUS."

Here's a little background on Rick:

Q: Tell us a little bit about you:

RL: Married to a wonderful wife with 3 great kids. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother and my wife has 5 brothers, so we both come from big families. Currently in equipment sales. Spent four years active duty with the Marine Corps.

Q: What made you decide to try CrossFit, and what were you doing prior to coming to FitHAUS (or True Champion, at the time)?

RL: I had always been pretty active, belonging to gyms, I have a weight set in basement, etc. I Ran the 1999 Twin Cities marathon and have done a few team ultra marathons. However, I went into a bit of a 'funk' where I didn't work out much for well over a year and didn't really have a desire to. My wife actually signed me up for CrossFit as a Father's Day gift in June of 2015. (That's one of the blessings of being married to your best friend, many times they know what we need even if we don't realize it.)

Q: What is your favorite part of FitHAUS?

RL: It's truly is the atmosphere. There are so many great people and instructors at FitHaus. Even though you are challenged and work extremely hard it is always a fun and inspiring atmosphere! It's what makes being consistent so much easier. Another great part is the community involvement of FitHaus; that is very powerful in so many ways.

Q: What are some of the accomplishments that you're most proud of, and what are your goals going forward?

RL: I've definitely seen improvements in many areas. 2 examples: when I started I had to do banded pull ups, now I can do many true pull ups, (as long as I pace myself.) Same with T2B, at first I had to do knee raises but now I can do multiple, true T2B, again, pacing is key. (Also, I haven't done this many push-ups since I was in the Marine Corps!)

Q: How has FitHAUS bettered your life outside the gym?

RL: Being in shape and being mindful of proper nutrition has such an impact on our everyday lives. To have energy, focus and stamina throughout the day directly correlates to how we view and take care of ourselves. FitHAUS has renewed and reaffirmed how important this is in having an excellent and healthy lifestyle.

Q: What advice you you give to someone considering joining FitHAUS?

RL: I highly, highly recommend to give it a shot! Set a time frame such 8 to 12 weeks. If you consistently attend and follow proper nutrition advice I guarantee you will see great results. (Also, I read a study done in old folks homes and a recurring theme was most of the people didn't so much regret the things they had done in life but they regretted the things they didn't do or attempt.)

Q:  Favorite movement:

RL:  Deadlift

Q: Least favorite movement:

RL: Tie: turkish get-ups and over the bar burpees.

From Rick: "In closing, I want to say I am very thankful for FitHaus, it truly has been life changing. (See Question 2 above)."

We couldn't be more honored and excited (and humbled) to hear Rick's story. He's an amazing example and role model for his son Jim that, as a high schooler, gets up with Rick many days a week and joins him at the 5:30am class! The work ethic, passion, and commitment to a healthy lifestyle that Rick models, definitely has been passed down to Jim (and has inspired many others at FitHAUS). Thank you, Cindy, for buying him a membership back in 2015! We couldn't imagine the morning class without Rick!