FitHAUS Featured Athlete...Rachelle Walz

This week we are excited to feature Rachell Walz as our FitHAUS featured athlete. Rachelle is one of those athletes who is quiet, but fierce. She has competed in at least 10 CrossFit competitions, has done 4 Full MURPHS, 3 while vested, and has participated in multiple races and events like the tough mudder. She is a heck of an athlete to say the least! You can most often find her at FitHAUS' 5:30am CrossFit class before she heads off to work.

We have seen you grow and improve so much in the past year Rachelle, and are so excited to see where this next year takes you. We know one thing for sure, you are going to get that bar muscle up any day! You should be so proud of yourself Rachelle! Thank you for choosing FitHAUS.

FitHAUS FFA Questions:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, something we may not know.

I am a busy Mom of2, Gavyn (12) and CorDeliya (8).  I work as a Behavior Therapist  at the MN Autism Center. I love Cross Fit,working out being active and competitions!   I love doing anything outside, family BBQS, being on the water, walks with kids, and long runs. I hate cold weather and snow, but absolutely love the Christmas season! 

2. What were your doing prior to coming to FitHAUS?

I found FitHAUS right away after moving to the area in Jan 2019. I came from YorFit in Ramsey, MN.  During my first class we did ring pull ups, which I had never done at my previous cross fit gym! I loved it! 

3. What is your favorite thing about FitHAUS?

My favorite thing about FH would be the energy through the gym and the encouragement that surrounds every athlete.  I love that we’re all there doing what we enjoy and encouraging each other along the way. 

4. What are some accomplishments related to physical fitness that you are most proud of? Do you have any fitness goals moving forward?

Fitness accomplishments: pull-ups, pistols, hspu , any heavy lifts are exciting! Goals: bar muscle ups, building more strength and form to increase weights, and consistent double unders.

5. How has being physically active bettered your life outside of the gym.

The gym betters my day to day life in many ways, it’s how I start each morning. It gives me time to focus on myself each day before giving my all to my family, my home, work and responsibilities.  

6. What is your favorite class, movement or skill? What is your least favorite?

Favorite class:CrossFit! Favorite Movements : gymnastic movements and barbells!! 

Least preferred: kettlebells! And double unders really frustrate me  

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to join FitHAUS.

Advice: Anything can be scaled to your ability.  The atmosphere surly will hold you accountable! Fit HAUS will make you want to challenge yourself in new ways!