FitHaus Featured Athlete ... Nick Tilli

This week we’d like to announce Nick Tilli as our Friday Featured Athlete. Nick has been coming to FitHaus for about a year, after his wife Joanna gently nudged him with a gift card to FitHaus. Nick has been grinding away since he took the plunge in to CrossFit, and we are so impressed with the progress he has made. You will find Nick at many of our CrossFit Classes, and you are sure to be greeted by a great big smile when you see him.  You will also certainly hear his contagious laugh at some point during the hour. Nick, not only took 3rd place in his first ever FitHaus Labor Day Throwdown, but also tied for 1st place with a perfect score in our 28 day no sugar, no alcohol challenge. Nick, we are so proud of your dedication to fitness, you just continue to get better, faster, and stronger! We couldn’t be happier that you decided to give us a shot and have now made FitHaus your fitness home…it only makes sense seeing that all of your extended family works out with us too;) Just keep putting in that sweat equity, we know you’ll have those dubs before you know it!

Q: Tell us a little about you (that we might not know)?

NT: I am originally from New Jersey and moved to MN (Orono) when I was in 5th grade, and have lived in MN ever since. I currently live in Plymouth MN with my wife Joanna and three boys (Theo, Sam, and Ben), 4 boys if you include our dog, Charlie. I have relics of hobbies that are laying around the house, things like a snowboard, road bike, golf clubs, hockey equipment, and a guitar, fortunately, my books have continued to occupy some shelf space. At the end of the day if I can get outside, preferably on a body of water I’m a happy guy.

Q: What made you decide to try FitHAUS (and what were you doing prior to coming in?

NT: I’ve played sports all my life, but have always hated working out. After college, I spent time wandering around gyms with no direction or much desire, so that didn’t last long. After complaining long enough about how I needed to get back into shape, my wife (lovingly) bought me a month membership to Fithaus. I procrastinated a solid four months before going for my first time, but after my first week, I was hooked.

Q: What is your favorite part of FitHAUS?

NT: As others have mentioned before, it’s the community at FitHaus. I benefit from the structure of the classes, just show up and get to work.  I love getting to the gym and seeing all the friendly faces, we all work hard, but none of us take our selves too seriously and it’s always a lot of fun.

Q: What are some of the fitness-related accomplishments you're most proud of, and what are your goals going forward?

NT: I am most proud of the progress I’ve made, without having any specific goals per se. I also enjoy that we can track our progress, its cool to see how far you’ve come a year after joining (My first week I had to do Karen (150 wallballs for time), amazing I came back, but a year later I beat my initial time by a lot and used a wallball 2x my first try, something my brother in law Lalo pointed out to me after the workout. That was encouraging to see that I had been getting better). I have also never done much weight lifting, certainly not anything that would resemble Olympic Weightlifting but those have become some of my favorite workouts and I no longer fear weights and movements that were daunting at first. But If I have to list a specific goal, I would say learning double unders, because I’m tired of doing 2x the amount of jump rope.

Q: How has working out at FitHAUS bettered your life outside the gym?

NT: Well, FitHAUS has been the only workout program that has kept me working out regularly, and that alone has been beneficial to my health and overall wellbeing. But exercising regularly makes you want to make healthier decisions outside the gym also, and that positively impacts all aspects of your life.

Q: What advice you you give to someone considering joining FitHAUS?

NT: Just do it. Whether CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning or any of their other classes, you can find something that connects with you. I was a bit intimidated for my first class since it had been so long since I’d worked out, but that quickly fades as you realize everyone is there to have a good workout, support one another, and have a good time.

Q: What is your favorite class and what are your favorite movements (and least favorite movements)?

NT: When I first started, just about every movement was terrible, since I wasn’t any good at them. But since then, a lot of these movements are now my favorites, whether burpees, wall balls, T2B, rowing or the long-dreaded running. My favorite workout would be an AMRAP of a 400m run, T2B, light snatches with light front squats, I like moving fast (I’m sure that workout is named already). My least favorite movement, are all things lunges and DB thrusters, the words “front rack reverse lunge” is sure to make me reconsider working out that day. Also, at the moment, DU is sure to get me worked up because I can’t string them together. Never has jumping in place made me angrier.