FitHAUS Featured Athlete ... Lucas McKown

It's Lucas's turn! We are so excited to feature Lucas McKown this week! He's an amazing athlete, with a great work ethic, and such a positive attitude! We're so glad you watched a CrossFit documentary and decided to give FitHAUS a try. It's been so fun to see you improve over the years ... from Oly lifts, to gymnastics skills, and just overall strength in general! You seem to be a natural at CrossFit and the pure enjoyment you have for it rubs off on everyone around you! Thanks for making FitHAUS an even better place to be!

1.   Tell us a little bit about yourself, something that we may not know.

LM: I’m a big brother to three younger siblings.  I work as a Packaging Engineer at Boston Scientific and I also drive Zamboni at the Orono Ice Arena. My hobbies include spending time with my family, anything fitness related, reading, and hunting & fishing.

2.   What made you decide to join FitHAUS? What were you doing prior to coming to FH?

LM: What made me decide to join FitHAUS was watching the Fittest on Earth documentary on Netflix.  Soon as I saw what CrossFit was I knew I had to try it! Prior to joining FitHaus I was lifting weights and running a lot. I actually ran Grandma’s Marathon back in 2015.

3.   What is your favorite thing about FitHAUS?

LM: My favorite thing about the FitHAUS is all the positive, awesome people that make up the FitHAUS community.  No matter how my day is going I always leave the FitHAUS with a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment!

4.   What are some of the accomplishments related to physical fitness that you are most proud of. Do you have any fitness goals moving forward?

LM: Some of my fitness accomplishments that I’m most proud of are learning to walk on my hands, ring muscle ups, and butterfly pull-ups. One movement I really want to learn is butterfly chest to bar pull-ups.

5.   How has FitHAUS, or being physically active bettered your life outside of the gym?

LM: FitHAUS has forever changed my life! Ever since I started working out at the FitHAUS I have had such a better more positive outlook on life! I’m happier, more mentally tough, I have more energy, and I’m constantly surrounded by encouraging, positive people.

6.   What is your favorite class or movement/skill? What is your least favorite movement?

LM: My favorite movement is ring muscle ups. My least favorite movement is handstand push ups!

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to join FITHAUS?

LM: My biggest piece of advice to someone joining FitHAUS would be just do it and go into it with a positive attitude! It will be intimidating at first, but once you start attending regularly you will never look back! I am forever grateful for my FitHAUS community and can’t imagine life without them!