FitHAUS Featured Athlete...Kristen Quill

This week we  have nominated her as our as our FitHAUS Featured Athlete, and are so excited for you to learn more about her. Kristen is new to FitHAUS as she is to the Long Lake area, and we are so thrilled she found us! Kristen always surprises us with how strong and fast she is! You will never see her in the gym giving it less than her absolute best, and it seems that every skill thrown her way comes natural to her. Kristen, we love seeing you and your beautiful family every week, and can’t wait to see what you do next. We think you have huge potential. No doubt, you will have that bar muscle up by the end of the year!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 My husband was unexpectedly offered a job overseas when I was 7 months pregnant with our first child. I grew up inJapan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia and my husband enjoys traveling so we jumped at the chance. We sold our house, most of what was inside and moved to Malta (a small island country in the Mediterranean) two months after our son was born. We lived in Malta for 5 years and our second child was born there. Feels crazy looking back on it but all the chaos was worth it :) 

2.  What made you decide to joinFitHAUS? What were you doing prior to coming to FH?

We moved to Long Lake in August of 2019. I was looking for a gym that was conveniently located, had a good community feel, and had an option to bring children. FitHAUS checked all the boxes! Prior to FH I was at a kettle bell gym in Malta. 

3.  What is your favorite thing about FitHAUS?

The community is extremely friendly and accepting of everyone no matter your fitness level or goals. They cheer you up on your bad days and encourage you on the good ones. 

4.  What are some of the accomplishments related to physical fitness that you are most proud of. Do you have any fitness goals moving forward?

This may seem odd but I was recently ice skating with my kids and I decided to show them shoot the duck... on the first try I was able to do it! I think it felt good because it showed me that even after many years of not skating, staying physically fit really helps! 

My list of goals keeps growing after seeing all the strong athletes atFitHAUS...  I would like to be able to do a muscle-up! 

5.  How had FitHAUS, or being physically active bettered your life outside of the gym?

FitHAUS was a great introduction to the Long Lake area and community. It has introduced me to like-minded people that have helped me adjust to a new place(restaurants, preschools, stores) and even helped start up some friendships. I am better able to keep up with two very energetic kids - whether it is to have enough endurance to play endless lava monster at the park, hike through deep snow in the woods, by helping me to be strong enough to carry a kid and two bikes up the last "big" hill because they are just "tooooooo tired" or creative enough for when they want me to be their "workout teacher" and write down what moves/skills to do :) 

6. What is your favorite class or movement/skill? What is your least favorite the one that causes the biggest eye roll when your coach says we are doing"X" today;)

I think because I have done kettle bell workouts in the past, I enjoy movements with kettle bells the most because I feel more confident with that than a bar. I have really been enjoying Saturday class. It is different than the classes I take during the week and now that my husband has joined FitHAUS I can usually get him to be my partner. 

My eye roll would be 99% of whatAmanda has us do in Static and Dynamic - it is so different than what I have done in the past, I find it VERY challenging. 

7.   What advice would you give to someone looking to join FITHAUS?

Do it! There are many classes to choose from and the coaches are great at giving modifications if needed. The workouts will be hard but with good company it makes it that much better