FitHAUS Featured Athlete ... Katie Klug

This week we are so excited to feature Katie Klug as our Friday FitHAUS Featured Athlete! We know you've probably met Katie ... as she coached a lot of us last year and can now be found attending classes at a variety of times throughout the week! Not only is Katie is an amazing athlete, she also is so much fun to hang out and chat with! You can tell that Katie truly enjoys working out and pushing herself and inspires everyone around her to do the same! Here's a little more about Katie that you might not know:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

KK: I feel like I talk so much that everyone already knows everything about me. After meeting in college, Ryan and I lived in Texas, Hawaii and North Dakota working on wind farms for Mortenson before ultimately settling in Minnesota. I currently work on the planning of solar farms. We LOVE Minnesota but will always be Packers fans. I'm not sure I've stayed awake for a whole movie since having kids. I love dogs and cats and lately have been wanting a pet raccoon. 

2. What made you decide to join FitHAUS? What were you doing prior to coming to FH?

KK: I started CrossFit about 8 years ago when our neighbors at the time opened a gym. I had never heard of CrossFit before but had just had my 3rd child and needed motivation to get moving again. I loved it from the start! Fast forward a few years to us moving to Orono. We had heard great things about FitHAUS and decided to give it a try. Starting at a new gym is scary but two years in we cant imagine being anywhere else!

3. What is your favorite thing about FitHAUS? 

KK: So many things to love about FitHAUS! For sure the community is at the top of the list and the family oriented atmosphere is super special. But I think what makes FitHAUS stand out for me is how the owners/coaches meet people where they are and help them pursue THEIR goals ... whether thats competing or getting to sweat with friends for an hour. Everyone is welcomed and appreciated and made to feel like they matter every time they walk in the door.

4. What are some of the accomplishments related to physical fitness that you are most proud of. Do you have any fitness goals moving forward?

KK: Honestly I am just so happy to have found something I am excited about for 8 years straight. Working out was a chore before this, something I dreaded. Now going to the gym is the highlight of my day and every day is something new. My goal (as I creep toward 40) is to stay healthy so I can keep showing up.

5. How has being physically active bettered your life outside of the gym?

KK: CrossFit has shifted my mindset away from wanting to be "skinny" to wanting to be healthy (and there were many unhealthy years prior to it of just wanting to be skinny). With two pre-teen daughters, its helped me be an example to them of self acceptance, self care and self love. Its empowering too, in that when I accomplish hard things at the gym I feel like I can do hard things in life. I'm not as fatigued and have more energy for my kiddos and pups. 

6. What is your favorite class or movement/skill? What is your least favorite the one that causes the biggest eye roll when your coach says we are doing "X" today;)

KK: I love olympic lifts and partner workouts. I dread bodyweight movements (especially pushups!) 

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to join FITHAUS? 

KK: It will be hard and you will be sore (at least I was), but if you give it a chance you wont regret it!