FitHAUS Featured Athlete ... Jenny Flansburg

Our Friday FitHAUS Featured Athlete this week is Jenny Flansburg! Jenny walked into FitHAUS a couple years ago just after having her 3rd baby and has been such a consistent, hard working, and positive part of our community every since! Jenny's attitude is contagious, and it shows that she truly loves being at FitHAUS (and we love it when she's here!). Her goal to make fitness and health a priority for her and her family is such an inspiration! You'll see Jenny in any number of our Strength & Conditioning and yoga classes, but the 10:30am classes are your best bet to workout with Jenny!

We asked Jenny a couple questions to get to know her better! Here's what she had to say:

Q: Tell us a little about you:

JF: I am an Eden Prairie High graduate go Eagles ‘94! Also a Mankato Maverick BA graduate ‘98 where I met my hubby a.k.a fraternity house pizza delivery boy. First decade career was in computer programming as a technology consultant. Second decade career was in family law and estate planning probate law as a paralegal. Been a stay at home mom for the past 5yrs to care for my 3 sons, Keegan 6th, Asher 2nd, and Declan 2.5 yrs and my mother who is disabled. I am working on getting chickens, bees, and a garden. Truth is, I am actually a science nerd and love space and chemistry and chalk myself up as a science geek who missed the science girl wave.  So I am working on my last act. Stay tuned! My hubby promised to take me somewhere exotic and warm like Fiji hmmm still waiting. Our family loves Sawatdee and any kind of sushi. My favorite young kids movie is Super8 and adult movie is the new Wonder Woman.

Q:  What made you decide to try FitHAUS (and what were you doing prior to coming in)?

JF: Brittany Spears two years ago when I called to do baby and mama yoga she said hey you can come and workout too with your new babe. I am so grateful that another mom supported me at a time when I needed to be supported.

Q:  What is your favorite part of FitHAUS?

JF: The people. Everyone makes everyone feel like a an equal in the community.

Q: What are some of the accomplishments you're most proud of, and what are your goals going forward?

JF: I am proud of staying committed to working out even in times where my schedule or sick children kept me away. I was proud to do our FitHaus Wellness Challenge and try new ways of pushing my body and changing habits.

Q: How has working out at FitHAUS bettered your life outside the gym?

JF: I have tried classes and pushed my body in ways I did not know were possible. Those accomplishments have helped me see a wider picture outside of the gym and allowed me to see greater possibilities in myself and my family. My children see me commit and they encourage me and in turn I feel I am showing them examples of goal setting and achievement.

Q:  What advice you you give to someone considering joining FitHAUS?

JF: Just do it, sweaty and uncomfortable in your workout clothes...join us and eventually after a while of working at it your clothes will have holes and you can reward yourself with new ones as proof that you need them.

Q: Favorite class(es) and why?

JF:  This is a hard one ... I really like every instructor for different reasons. Kelsey, Julie K., Amanda S., Kayla B., Heather, Kelly D., Juliann and all the others over the past 2 years have helped me recapture my arms, legs and core strength in so many new ways. I get value from everyone just being committed to pushing new heights is the key no matter who is leading you.

Thanks again for being such an amazing part of our FitHAUS community, Jenny! We love you and all that you bring to FitHAUS!