FitHAUS Featured Athlete...Dave Loberg

This week we are so excited to announce Dave Loberg as our FitHAUS Featured Athlete. Dave has been coming to FitHAUS for nearly for over 2 years and we've watched him grow ever since. We are really proud of Dave, as he worked his way through an injury and continued to grow as an athlete. Dave, we see your work ethic in the gym, and we know you mean business. Dave has competed in Ragnar Races, Half Marathons, and aims to shoot for a Triathalon this year. Dave, we know you will crush that goal, just like you did the half marathon. Dave's Motto: "I am training for my 70s"...we like it Dave!

1.  Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I met my wife Shana 26years ago while working together at a movie theater, and we will be married 15 years in April! I am a stay at home parent for our three active kids Ruth, Edward, and Eva. We try to spend as much time at our cabin as possible. We do a lot of fishing, reading, playing board games, pontoon rides, swimming, and lots of maintenance. 

2. What made you decide to join FitHAUS? What were you doing prior to coming to FH?

My fitness journey began when my youngest started preschool. I had 2 hours free to walk around Lake Katrina at Baker Park. I was nearly late for pick up the first day.Walking slowly progressed into running. After 2 years of moving in fits and starts I could run that loop (10k) in under an hour!

By then I was looking for something more exciting to supplement my fitness routine. I walked into FitHAUS 2.5 years ago with nearly zero gym or lifting experience.

3. What is your favorite thing aboutFitHAUS?

The people and encouragement. I'm excited to go to the gym where I get to hang out with a bunch of fun people. I'm rarely motivated to workout on my own, so walking in to FitHAUS is amazing because everyone is pushing each other to work hard and then celebrating with each other on our accomplishments and success.

4. What are some of the accomplishments related to physical fitness that you are most proud of. Do you have any fitness goals movingforward?

 -5 double unders in a row! I never thought I'd figure those things out.

 -1st pull up and push up after my shoulder injury, I thought that might not come back. 

 -Gear Western half marathon (1:48) my goal was to break two hours and I crushed it. I really enjoyed the structure of training for it.  I hope to run another in May and then October with a triathlon in August.

 -Also the Sisu Beer Mile second place!

 -"I'm training for my 70's" -me

5. How has FitHAUS, or being physically active bettered your life outside of the gym?

Lifting/ moving heavy objects is easier (piano/atv). I have more energy for the activities I want to do, but was to tired for in the past; playing with my kids, hiking, hunting, and curling. 

Any WOD that ends with an 800m run is good training for running under duress, such as the last few miles of a half or Leg 3/ Red loop/ in the dark.

6. What is your favorite class or movement/skill? What is your least favorite movement?

I enjoy squatting, Front or Back, basically the only movement I was familiar with when I joined. I've recently been getting excited about deadlifts, a little technique goes a long way. Burpees are the worst!

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to join FITHAUS? 

Just start and keep moving.  The classes might seem intimidating but the coaching is phenomenal and the classes are structured so that each ability is accounted for.