EVENT: A FitHAUS Think In: How Can We Work Toward Social Justice

Many of us are struggling to process the recent events in our state and nation. What do these events mean to us as individuals?  How can we collectively work toward social justice? How do we begin having difficult conversations about race and equity?

Join us for a very casual conversation to help process the events of the past couple weeks. The goal of this chat is to listen, to brainstorm, to bounce ideas off one another, and to share thoughts.  We welcome everyone to join us, so bring your friends, neighbors, and anyone else that is interested.  

To help us begin thinking about this topic, we thought we'd start with a discussion of an essay by a civil right activist James Baldwin, "Notes of a Native Son" (1955).  In this essay, Baldwin writes about his experience as a young black man during the Harlem Riots of 1943.

We hold this event with the hope that purposeful reflection on the past can be a step toward understanding our present and shaping a better future.  Please join us to listen, to participate, or to do a combination of both.  There is no pressure and no expectations except an open mind.    

Event Details:
 Time:  Thursday, June 18th 7-8:30pm
 Place:  Nelson Lakeside Park Pavilion

Our conversation will be facilitated by Heather Holcombe, who lives in Orono with her family and teaches American literature at the University of Minnesota.

“Notes of a Native Son” can be found HERE for anyone who would like to explore it. Please print it and bring it with you. Those who prefer can access the essay on Kindle (please note that “Notes of a Native Son” is the title essay of an entire collection: we will be discussing just this single essay).