5 Reasons To Participate in the CrossFit Open

The 2021 CrossFit Open is approaching, and we'd love to have everyone at FitHAUS participate! It's a little different this year, but we are excited that it's happening!

So ... just what is the Open?

It's the start of the 2021 CrossFit Games season! So ... for the elite athletes around the world, it is step one to making it to the Games this summer. For everyone else ... it's a fun way to celebrate your fitness, see what you can do, have some fun with your gym members, all while being part of a worldwide event! For three weeks, CrossFit HQ will release a workout on Thursday evening. For the next 4 days, athletes all around the world will do this workout and record their scores online. There are several options to perform the workout ... Rx, scaled, or the At Home version this year. All experience levels, all abilities, and all ages are able to do a version of this workout!

When does it start?

This year, the Open will kickoff Thursday Evening, March 11th with the first workout announcement. The following day (Friday 3/12), we'll have this workout programmed for all CrossFit classes. You can give it a go in any class that day, or join us for Friday Night Lights at 6:30pm (more info below). You will have until the following Monday (3/15) at 7pm to submit your score online for a 'judge' to validate. If you perform the workout at FitHAUS, your judge will be one of our coaches and we will validate your score. If you miss our Friday classes and FNL, you can come to Open Gym Sunday to perform the workout, or make arrangements with us to do the workout at another time (or re-do the workout). The Open will continue for three weeks, ending on Monday, March 29th when the scores for the final workout are due.

Friday Night Lights:

This year, we'll have a fun gathering every Friday night of the Open (3/12, 3/19, 3/26) at 6:30pm. Anyone who is up for a fun workout, should join us! We'll warm up together starting at 6:30pm, and then run heats of the workout after that! Come cheer on your gym mates, and get that extra motivation you need to push yourself and see what you can do! We will pair you up with a judge if you'd like, or you can bring your own (no judge is required). Each evening also has a theme to add to the fun. We'd love for you to join in on that, too! Spectators allowed (masked and social distanced), but we'd prefer if you leave kiddos at home this year. Beverages provided!

March 12th: 80's Night

March 19th: St. Patty's Day

March 26th: Red, White, and Blue

Where to sign up:

Go to the CrossFit Games website, and create a profile and sign up. Be sure to register using OurHAUS CrossFit as your affiliate! The fee is $20 to register.

Okay ... but why should I register for the Open???

Here's 5 reasons to convince you to sign up (but please ask a coach if you have any more questions!):

Reason 1: See what you can do!

Each year, the Open workouts bring up the excitement just a bit. They are a way for you to push your limits, see what you can do, maybe try something new. They are workouts that you'll remember years into the future, and workouts we will repeat in years to come to see progress. We can still remember athletes getting their first pull-up in an Open workout, deadlifting a heavier weight than they would normally choose with ease, or deciding that they actually do love thrusters. The CrossFit Open sets the stage for PR's to happen and we'd love to help you celebrate!

Reason 2: Be a part of something worldwide while supporting your local community!

The CrossFit Open is a huge worldwide event. It's exciting to be a part of .... even if you're not expecting to make it to the next level of the CrossFit Games. If you have friends that do CrossFit anywhere in the world, they'll know about the Open and you can share stories. While being part of the worldwide CrossFit community, you'll also help support and strengthen our community at FitHAUS. Get to know your fellow athletes better, help cheer them on and get them through the workouts, and build connections that carry on outside the gym!

Reason 3: Everyone can participate.

Everyone around the world can do these workouts! There are options for all levels and abilities. You are an athlete and you are probably physically stronger than you mind lets you believe. Let's celebrate this! We don't HAVE to do these workouts ... we GET to and we should all be grateful for that!

Reason 4: It gives you an appreciation of the Best of the Best.

During the Open workouts, you'll get the rare opportunity to do the same workout as the fittest people on earth. And while it's humbling to compare scores, it is also pretty amazing to see what the Best of the Best can do. When you watch them compete at the Games this summer, you'll have another level of amazement of what they can do. It makes you an even bigger fan of the sport of CrossFit!

Reason 5: It's Fun.

This is the main reason to do the Open. It's fun ... even if you're just starting out in CrossFit. There's an excitement around these workouts, and it helps renew your passion for training. It's also fun to bond with others ... to tackle the workout together (maybe in your best 80's attire), and cheers with each other when it's over. We'd love to see a bunch of our athletes join us each week for Friday Night Lights!

So ... have we convinced you to sign up for the Open??? We're pretty sure you won't regret it! Sign up HERE (use OurHAUS CrossFit as your affiliate)!