2020 FitHAUS Labor Day Throwdown

Get ready for the 4th Annual FitHAUS Labor Day Throwdown!

WHEN: September 7th, 8am - 2:30pm

WHERE: FitHAUS back alley: 1916 W. Wayzata Blvd. Ste 4 Long Lake, MN

WHAT: Friendly Competition. 2 Divisions. 3 Workouts. Lots of fun! Plus a kids event at the end!





WOD #3:

For time, complete the following in any order you'd like.  One partner working at a time:

100 Wallballs

100 Box Jump Overs

100 Single Arm Ground-to-Overhead

100 Burpees

20:00 time cap.

Partners take turns working.  Reps may be completed in any order.  Score = time (or reps if time capped).



Full Depth squat (hip crease below knee), ball hits at or above target line.  Partner can not pick up their ball until other partner's ball is on the ground.

In It To Win It:  Men throw 20# ball to a 10' target, Ladies throw a 14# ball to a 9' target.

Just for Fun, ages 15+:  Men throw a 14# ball to 10', Ladies throw a 10# ball to a 9' target

Ages 14 and under:  6# ball to 9' target

Box Jump Overs:

Rep ends when both feet hit ground on other side of box.  Do NOT need to stand all the way up on box.  Stepping down or rebounding/jumping down both allowed.

All divisions use 20" box.

In It To Win It:  Must jump

Just for Fun:  May step over (both feet must touch top of box, and both must touch ground on other side).

Single Arm Ground To Overhead:

Rep starts with both heads of DB on ground, ends with DB fully locked out overhead, standing tall (knees and hips extended).  Athletes may snatch or Clean + Jerk/press.  Partner can not pick up DB until other partner's DB is on ground.

In It To Win It:  Men use 50# DB, Ladies use 35# DB

Just For Fun:  Men use 35# DB, Ladies use 20# DB

14 and younger: 15#DB


Chest and thighs must touch ground, rep ends with a clap of hands above head with hips extended (body vertical)

* Score will be time or reps completed if not finished under time cap.

WOD #2:

With your partner, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

14 Partner Deadlifts

7 Synchronized Toes-to-Bar (Scaled:  Knee Raises)

Weights & Standards:

Partner Deadlifts:

These will be done with ONE barbell.  Both partners will hold onto same bar and lift together.  **Exception:  Those teams with athletes 14 and younger may choose to do Synchro KB Deadlifts.  Rep starts with plates on ground (or KB on ground) and ends with both athletes standing tall (hips and knees extended), shoulders behind hips.  


In It To Win It:  Male/Male Teams lift 285; Male/Female Team lift 230;  Female / Female Team lift 215

Just For Fun:  Male/Male lift 225;  Male/Female lift 205;  Female/Female lift 175

14 & Under:  Teams lift 85 barbell.  (or may choose synchro deadlifts with 26# KBs (youth), 44# KBs (adults).

Synchro T2B:

Both athletes start hanging from pullup bar with feet behind vertical plane of bar.  Rep is counted when all 4 feet touch bar together.

Synchro Knee Raises:

Both athletes start hanging form pullup bar with feet behind the vertical plane of bar.  Rep is counted when all 4 knees are above hip crease at the same time.

WOD #1:

For Time, complete:


Calroies on the Bike

Dumbbell Thrusters


*100m sprint TOGETHER after each round

Weights & Standards:

Calories on the Bike:

One athlete works at a time, but may switch back and forth as often as you'd like. Athlete must stay on bike until calorie number is reached, at which time second athlete may pick up DBs.

Dumbell Weights:

In It To Win It:  Males use pair of 50#s. Ladies use pair of 30#s.

Just For Fun:  Males use pair of 35#. Ladies use pair of 20#s.

14 & Under:  Use pair of 15#s.


In It To Win It: Start with arms fully extended, hanging from bar. Rep ends when chin is above vertical plane of bar. May butterfly, kip, or do strict.

Just For Fun: Jumping pull-ups are allowed. Athletes will start with arms fully extended below bar (feet on box), rep ends when chin is above vertical plane of bar.


Athletes start together in their lane, run around cone at far end of alley, then run around second cone at close end of alley and return to mat. Athletes do not have to run together, but cannot start bike until BOTH are back on mat. (last sprint: time ends when BOTH athletes are back on mat).




Please park in FitHAUS lot, Lakeside lot along Wayzata Blvd (not in front of store), or anywhere along Lake, Symes, or in Alley behind businesses on block east of FitHAUS's block.


Check in will be open from 7:30am - 9:30am.  Please have both team members check in to receive shirts, bags, and sign waiver.


All athletes & judges, please plan to attend the briefing for each event (noted on schedule).  It will be quick (5 min max).  If you are in first heat (going right after briefing), please plan to warm up BEFORE briefing.


There will be an athlete warm up area on side of building.  You may enter the warm up area after the heat before you leaves the warm up area to compete.  Please be in the warm up area at a minimum of 5 minutes before your heat.


To allow us to wrap up early afternoon, we only have a couple minutes between heats.  To help keep us on time, please help us with the following:

  • Please be in warm up area a minimum of 5 mins before your heat starts.
  • Stiles will release athletes from the warm up area to the floor, and you will have about 60sec to find your assigned lane, tell judge your team name, and do any quick warm up movements.
  • Once your workout ends.  Please sign your scorecard and exit as quickly as possible so we can stay on track!
  • Your judge will quickly wipe down equipment between heats, but you will be sharing space and equipment with your partner.

Please note, there will be a couple teams inside for WODs 1 & 2.  These teams will be using the rig right near open garage door with fans on for ventalation.  Lanes 1 & 2 for first WOD will be just inside the door.  Lane 1 for WOD 2 is just inside the door.  These are noted in the last column of heat schedule.  Please let us know if this is a concern.  


The weights, equipment, and movements for each WOD and division are listed on the blog HERE.  Please let us know if you will require weights not listed here or need an alternative movement (note:  if you use weights or do movements different from what's listed, you won't be podium eligilble, but you'll still get a great workout!!).


There are two bathrooms for use inside the gym!  Please use the two in the main room and enter through the front door (walk around building).  Face coverings are required when going inside for any reason other than working out.

**please no one inside FitHAUS except for the teams competing (WOD 1 & WOD 2), their judges, and anyone using the restroom**


There will be a handstand walking contest set up after the first WOD wraps up!  Anyone is welcome to try!  You get three trys to see how far you can walk.  Hands must start behind start line, and your mark is where you hands cross (so a line where your palms end up when your feet come down).  Please mark your longest walk with chalk, measure it, and write your score up on scoreboard!  Winner gets a prize!


Top 3 teams in each division will recieve prize and podium picture after adult WODs wrap up!  We'd love everyone to stay for this (around 1:20pm)!


We'd love to get a good group shot immediately after the awards!  Athletes, judges, spectators, etc ... please join us for that!


Birch's will be serving pre-packaged meals to all athletes and volunteers!  They will be arriving around 1pm to feed us (included with your throwdown registration)!


An Ice Cream Truck will be stopping by around 2-2:15pm.  They accept cash or credit card if you'd like to purchase anything!

If you need to change anything (team name, etc), please let us know ASAP ( or text 612.619.4417).

Dress warm for Monday ... looks a little chilly!  See you soon!