The hour that you spend in the gym each day is a big key to your overall wellness (and we like to think it's the most fun hour of your day), BUT ... there's so much more to overall wellness than JUST your workout. What you do outside of the gym and how your body recovers from your workouts are really where your overall wellness is determined. What you eat, how much sleep, how well you're hydrated, how much you move throughout the day (not just during your one workout) and how you're able to manage stress all help to magnify (or lessen ... gasp!) the benefits of the hard work you put in at the gym.

Take an honest look at your habits for a minute. An HONEST look, not just a guess ... really examine how well you're doing these things:

  • How often do you get 7+ hours of sleep?
  • Do you drink enough water for your body to operate optimally? At least your body weight in lbs divided by 3 ... in oz of water. If you workout a lot ... your BW divided by 2 in oz. of water per day.
  • How many days per week do you stretch or work on your mobility?
  • Do you eat 5 servings of colorful veggies a day? Fruit doesn't count.
  • Do you eat foods with added sugar on a daily basis? If you eat processed food, there's a pretty good chance there's added sugar in it.
  • How often do you experiment with other healthy behaviors for your body and mind? Some actions might click ... some might not, but how often do you try new things to improve your well being?

Consistency is the key here. How often can you say you do these things well? If your habits could use some improvement, consider joining our FitHaus 2019 Wellness Challenge. Together, we'll spend 8 weeks working on these habits that promote wellness. We'll hold each other accountable. There will be prizes for those that are most consistent (and pride!). We'll find out together how much better we can feel in 8 weeks. If you're looking for the motivation needed to make some changes, this is it!

This challenge is open to all FitHaus members, as well as their family members, friends, or others in the community! You'll download an app (another version of Wodify) where you'll keep track of your points each day and can view the leaderboard. Each week, we'll award a cash prize to the 'winner' of that week. We'll start fresh each week, so everyone will have an equal chance to win each week. We'll also award a bigger cash prize to the overall winner at the end of the challenge.

However ... even though we'll award winners (and give them money), that's really not the point of this challenge. The goal is to make some positive changes in what you do each day in order for these healthy behaviors to become habits ... the norm. The goal is to see how much better we can feel, perform, and even look after focusing on these things for 8 weeks. We'll also learn some things ... what to eat and why, by following along with a book that simplifies nutrition.

Join us on this challenge, and invite your circle of friends and family to participate with you! There's a fee to sign up, but work hard and earn that money (and more!) back!

Details & Sign Up Here --- > 2019 FitHaus Wellness Challenge