2019 FALL CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open season is here again! And if you feel like we just did this, you'd be right! This year is the 'transition' year to the new CrossFit Games schedule. From here on out, the Open will occur in the Fall instead of February/March like years past!

It all starts this Thursday (October 10th) with the announcement of the first workout. We'll be doing this workout in all the Friday CrossFit classes, so everyone will get a chance to give it a go!

UPDATE: We will just have ONE official Friday Night Lights this season for 20.5! Mark your calendar for Friday, November 8th at 5:30pm. Let's all celebrate the end of the Open with a big party (oh, also a great workout first). Theme: Rock Star night. Gather your best rocker gear (current rock star? one from the 80's? 90's Hair Band?) and join us to complete 20.5 with all your FitHAUS friends. Food (pizza and snacks) and Beverages (a whole variety) provided!

If you're new to the Open this year, or if you just have no idea what I'm talking about, let me start over ...

The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event, done in CrossFit boxes from the US, to Iceland, to South Africa, and everywhere in between. Starting Thursday, Oct. 10th one workout will be announced. Everyone across the globe will do this workout and submit their 'scores' online by the following Monday at 7pm. There will be an 'RX' workout and a 'Scaled' workout announced. We will be doing this workout the next day (Friday) in all CrossFit classes.

Three things to do:

1. You can sign up for the CrossFit Open HERE (this is awesome, but not something required to participate in Friday Night Lights)! It's $20, and makes the Open more fun year after year (my opinion only ... some would say the opposite is true).

2. Then, be sure to watch for the workout announcements Thursday nights on website (we'll post it in Wodify after).

3. Finally, give it your all on Friday and HAVE FUN!! If you've signed up for the Open, then record your score online before the following Monday at 7pm.